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What is professional liability?

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Professional Liability

When you have needs that go beyond your knowledge, you reach out to professionals to help you. Experts in accounting, engineering, legal services or more should have years of training and experience to guide you with successful results. Whatever your needs, you rely on the advice of these industry professionals.

But what happens when that advice doesn’t give you the results you desire? If you feel like the specialist you hired damaged your chances of success, you may be able to take action with a professional liability claim.

Experts are supposed to take care of the difficult things

When you hire someone who claims to have professional experience, you expect that person to follow through with successful results. If you have legal issues, you hire a lawyer. You hire an architect to design you a new home. Or you might ask an accountant to look after your money and consult with a financial adviser for investment advice.

Professionals may cause more problems than they fix

However, issues can arise even with a professional at the helm. You may find yourself facing problems like:

  • Computer errors that mismanage your money
  • A legal strategy that fails to defend you from lawsuits
  • A poor architectural design
  • Delays in processing that have significant negative consequences
  • A loss of money that you didn’t expect

If you find yourself struggling with these problems, what can you do?

Filing a professional liability claim

When you first decided to hire a professional, you spoke about your expectations for what the service would provide. You may have had explicit goals laid out in a contract. Or the industry may have standards you expected the provider to meet. Either way, you held the professional liable for a reasonable quality of service.

If the end result fell below these expectations, you may wish to file a professional liability claim. This is a lawsuit that tries to reclaim some of the unnecessary expenses a negligent specialist may have caused you. You would need to show that the professional’s actions or lack of actions harmed you or didn’t meet the expectations laid out from the beginning.

By making a claim, you may be able to recover from the losses that a professional caused you.