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Litigating Securities Fraud Disputes

Misrepresenting facts in the sale of securities violates state and federal law. The securities fraud lawyers at Dunham LLP, in Austin have extensive experience representing parties damaged in securities transactions. Whether injured during the sale of an equity interest in a private company, an LLC or from the sale of publicly traded stock, consult our securities litigation attorneys to understand your rights.

Securities Litigation Arising From Business Dealings

The transactions and scenarios that may give rise to claims of securities fraud include:

  • Corporations who misrepresent, hide or distort information in their communications with shareholders
  • Executives and control persons in companies and other business who misrepresent or conceal fact is in communicating with investors
  • Broker-dealers and financial advisors who provide false information to investors
  • Partners who engage in self-dealing and do not deal with their partners in good faith

State securities statutes provide broad relief to those damaged in securities transactions. In Texas, a security refers to an investment such as stock, bond, note, debenture, limited partnership interest, oil and gas interest, and investment contract. Misrepresentations made in the context of transactions involving securities may be actionable under securities fraud.

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