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Skilled Representation Against Fraud Litigation Charges

Business litigation attorneys frequently deal with claims of fraud. We are regularly engaged by companies and individuals who have been damaged by the fraud of others. The law provides recourse to those who are victims of fraudulent representations or omissions of critical facts. The Texas attorneys at Dunham LLP have experience litigating and trying to final verdict claims of fraud that arise in all kinds of contexts.

Experienced Litigators Tackling Business Fraud

Our fraud litigation experience includes obtaining verdicts and judgments at trial for our clients on fraud claims that are litigated in both state and federal court. We have handled disputes involving fraud that occur in the following situations:

  • Sale of securities
  • Dealings between LLC members and founders
  • Purchase or sale of a business
  • Shareholders and closely held corporations
  • Real estate transactions
  • Contract breaches
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreement issues
  • Sales commission arrangements
  • Distributor arrangements
  • Supplier/vendor arrangements
  • Employment agreements and more

When a party commits fraud in their dealings with you, a litigation attorney experienced in handling fraud claims can help you obtain legal recourse. The Austin-based attorneys at Dunham LLP are experienced in enforcing the rights of companies and individuals.

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