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Fighting Trademark Infringement

A trademark is a symbol of your brand and goodwill; it is often a critical intellectual property asset.  A trademark may be any distinctive sign, word, symbol, or phrase used to identify a particular product or service. The unauthorized use of someone’s trademark is illegal under federal and many state laws. The trademark infringement attorneys at Dunham LLP, in Austin, Texas, enforce the trademark rights of all types of businesses and seek not only protection of the trademark but also a recovery of all monetary damages from the infringing use.

Arrange For A Consultation Regarding Your Trademark Dispute

We combine our experience in trademark litigation with a willingness to use creative and incentive-based fee arrangements, different from the high hourly rates of large firms. Unlike many larger firms, Dunham LLP frequently offers clients the benefits of contingency fee arrangements or a hybrid fee arrangement (a combination of reduced hourly rates and reduced contingency rates). When you need effective and aggressive representation from a lawyer experienced in handling trademark infringement matters in Austin, Texas, or elsewhere, we are here to help. 512-615-1255 to discuss your case or call 512-615-1255.