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Effective Handling Of Copyright Infringement Disputes

A copyright protects creative works and is a valuable intellectual property right and asset. A copyright infringement action requires a plaintiff to prove they own the copyright and engaged in copying of the work.

Based in Austin, the attorneys at Dunham LLP have litigated all types of intellectual property matters in Texas. If your copyrighted materials and ideas are being used without permission, we have experience enforcing copyrights of company and individual owners.

Litigating Infringement Claims For Many Creative Works

Through the years, our copyright infringement attorneys have handled disputes involving many different kinds of creative works. Clients who have turned to us for representation in this area are companies and individuals from the software, computer peripherals, gaming, architecture, recreational and fashion industries. Copyright laws protect the following original works:

  • Websites for businesses, organizations and individuals
  • Software that helps you with your business
  • Designs within many industries, including medical and fashion
  • Press releases created by you to promote your products and brand
  • Literary works that cannot be published anywhere else unless you give permission
  • Architecture, in order to ensure that your plans are not stolen or illegally duplicated
  • Music and film, including jingles and documentaries

We are ready to protect your creative ideas and enforce your copyrights.

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