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Resolving Intellectual Property Disputes

Patents, trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks are assets that provide their owner with great financial value and competitive advantage. For this reason, when intellectual property assets are infringed or misappropriated, an immediate response is required.

At Dunham LLP, our attorneys are experienced in enforcing the intellectual property rights of companies and individuals who are owners of the intellectual property. Our litigation experience includes representing companies, partnerships and individuals on claims of:

Many Industries, Technologies Benefit From Our Skills

We have represented patent, trademark and copyright owners from the following technologies and industries:

  • Semiconductors
  • Software
  • Medical devices
  • Wireless
  • Computer peripherals
  • Gaming
  • Security systems
  • Testing and measurement systems
  • Recreational products
  • Fashion

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you and your company protect what belongs to you.

Careful Handling Of Your Intellectual Property Claim

We help protect your company’s intellectual property. Our firm offers flexibility regarding fee arrangements and creative hourly rate structures and contingency fee arrangements. For a consultation, contact us online or by calling 512-764-3986.