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Representing You In Professional Liability Cases

It is often necessary to entrust important decisions and assets to professionals. The law requires that such professionals discharge their responsibilities with diligence and utmost good faith. When the professionals that you hire do not meet their responsibilities, it is important to retain a law firm with extensive experience pursuing professional negligence claims.

The attorneys at Dunham LLP understand the steps to take to hold lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects and financial advisers liable for negligence and unethical behavior. We have significant experience handling such claims and can help you explore all your legal options.

Our Experience In Malpractice Litigation

Our firm handles professional liability cases based upon:

  • Conflict of interest: You are entitled to receive undivided loyalty from a hired professional.
  • Negligent opinions and advice: This often leads to serious legal and financial consequences.
  • Negligent preparation of your matter: Once a professional undertakes an obligation on your behalf, they need to exercise proper care in safeguarding your interests.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: Professionals must take the necessary steps to prevent the loss of assets and investments.
  • Fraud: Untruths can potentially lead to legal entanglements costing you time and money.
  • Overbilling: Professionals can only charge for agreed-upon services.

In the event you have a legal claim against a professional, our firm will help you take legal action.

Prepared To Help You

The Texas professional liability attorneys of Dunham LLP are experienced, aggressive and dependable. Depending upon the circumstances, our firm provides incentive-based fee arrangements when handling malpractice claims. Unlike many larger firms, Dunham LLP offers clients the benefits of contingency fee arrangements or a hybrid fee arrangement (a combination of reduced hourly rates and reduced contingency rates). For a consultation, email us or call our Austin office at 512-764-3986.