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Disputes Regarding Nondisclosure Agreements 

Parties use nondisclosure agreements (NDA’s) in exploring and entering into many types of business transactions. The duties of confidentiality and nondisclosure typically apply to parties who enter into an NDA and create significant claims in litigation when such duties are breached. We have experience litigating breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty claims when a party fails to comply with an NDA and discloses or uses confidential information, trade secrets, financial documents or other protected material.

When a party refuses to comply with its obligations under an NDA, you should contact a nondisclosure agreement litigation attorney. At Dunham LLP, our attorneys have handled claims of breach of a nondisclosure agreement arising from many different types of businesses transactions.

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We combine our experience in NDA litigation with flexibility regarding fee arrangements, different from the high hourly rates of large firms. Unlike many larger firms, Dunham LLP frequently offers clients the benefits of contingency fee arrangements or a hybrid fee arrangement (a combination of reduced hourly rates and reduced contingency rates). Put our experience on your side when you need a lawyer to handle disputes regarding nondisclosure agreements. For a consultation, contact us via email or by calling 512-764-3986.